Monday, January 18, 2010

Welcome to my Blog, Purpose

Hello dear Reader,

My name is David P. Amrein, I have been working with Alternative Medicine since 1998. I am a certificed and registered naturopath. I have been running the Dr. Clark Research Association also since 1998, a business for natural health products, but this Blog here is not to sell or promote anything except some ideas, and so you will not find any mention of products or any promotion in this Blog.

This is my second attempt at a Blog. I will write about health and health politics, and my first Blog was deleted by Blogster even though for all I could see, there was no violation of the code of conduct. But of course, my Blog is controversial, because it is about Alternative Medicine, health and health politics and so I often have critical things to say about what I call orthodox medicine. And criticism is one of the things the Internet is for, for all I know.

But more importantly, I write about good news from the holistic health field, about research, breakthroughs, new findings.

I have been sending out an e-zine for many years -- to now almost 100'000 readers -- and I felt it was too bad that the e-zine articles are so short lived and soon forgotten, so I will add many of them to the Blog, if they are of continued interest. Also, this Blog gives you a chance to comment and I hope for more interactive communication than is possible through my e-zine. Finally, I only write an e-zine about once a month, and the Blog will give me an opportuity to place short comments in between that do not make the e-zine.

Suggestions are welcome at any time, and I can be reached at if you wish to e-mail me.

Sincerely Yours
David P. Amrein

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