Monday, January 18, 2010

POLITICS Alliance for Natural Health and American Alliance for Health Freedom Merge

The leading organization protecting Health Freedom in Europe, the ANH, led by the brilliant Robert Verkerk, has joined forces with the US American Alliance for health Freedom in a merger announced 18 December, 2009.

Since the challenges to Health Freedom are more and more global (for example, through Codex regulation which applies to all countries that are part of the UNO), this merger was deemed necessary.

AAHF is the Health Freedom organization which has won several landmark cases in the US, amongst the Pearson vs. Shalala, in which First Amendment rights were upheld.

See the full story here:

Dr. Clark Research Association has been supporting the National Health Freedom Coalition (NHFC), led by activist Diane Miller. She has been instrumental in implementing Health Freedom laws in many States together with local Health Freedom fighters. Dr. Clark Research Association has a matching grant program going in which any of your monthly donations are doubled by us. In 2009 we doubled $36000 in donations and I hope it will be more in 2010! The more you give, the more we chip in!

No matter which organization you support, it is clear that support for Health Freedom is needed. They all do their best and for little pay, to protect all our freedoms.

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