Tuesday, January 19, 2010

HEALTH Morphine Can Cause Cancers to Spread

This article here is interesting because it says that morphine, which is quite regularly used against pain in cancer cases, will make the cancer spread: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-1230208/Pain-drug-morphine-cause-cancer-spread.html.

Now certainly, cancer patients with a high level of pain need a palliative treatment. The point here is that once again, a treatment aggravates the condition that it is used for. This is too often the case. In my previous e-zine I reported on a widely used chemo drug that was shown to causes metastasis of the tumor!

The lesson I learn from such reports is: whenever possible, stay away from pharmaceutical drugs. Just say no! When I absolutely need a treatment, which is rare enough, I try to treat myself with natural resources first. Only if that does not work, I will use pharmaceutical drugs. And before I use them, I will research them quite well for toxicity, side effects, and whether they really work! I DO NOT ask the doctor or pharmacist about efficacy or side effects. They DO NOT READ scientific data and they do not know, most of the time. They get briefed by the pharmaceutical companies. That is not good enough. And if you look at efficacy, you must ask the correct question. The question in cancer, for example, is not "will it shrink my tumor". It is "will it prolong life, and what will it do to quality of life". Most chemotherapies shrink tumors, but do not prolong life, and quality of life gets worse.

Drugs kill. Just say no.

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