Tuesday, January 19, 2010

POLITICS US Health Freedom Act

State Representative Ron Paul has introduced a Health Freedom Bill that is intended to guarantee free speech when it comes to nutritional supplements.

The current situation in the US is that no medicinal information can be said or implied by a manufacturer or marketer of nutritional supplements, EVEN IF the statements are scientifically sound. If, say, there is a body of evidence showing vitamin C prevents cataract to a high degree if taken over an extended time, that cannot be stated by anyone who has a financial interest in selling vitamin C. Even though probably anyone would agree that it is very much of interest to the public. If that statement was made, the nutritional product would cease to be a nutritional product and would magically be transformed into a medicine that has to be registered as such with the FDA, a procedure that is unaffordable for almost any company except the very large ones. Those large companies, of course, would never register vitamin C as a drug, because they can't make much money off a substance that you can also buy as a nutritional supplement, and one that is not patentable to boot...

So, the consumer remains uninformed. This goes well with the intention of a system that will remedy rather than prevent. Because to make money for the pharmaceutical industry, the public must be sick.

State Representative Ron Paul has now introduced a Bill that is intended to allow statements about nutritional supplements, if they are not misleading. You can find some info here, including the full Bill text (click top right):

Of course many Bills are introduced and many of them will not pass. Let's hope these Bills here find enough supporters to allow information to get out to the public, information that you need to keep yourself healthy.

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